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  1. You can mark up to 10 locations within the M25 where you think a rapid charge point needs to be installed.
  2. You can add markers to the map by clicking / tapping within the blue highlighted boundary.
  3. We recommend you zoom into the map to ensure an accurate position.
  4. You can drag a marker to readjust its position.
  5. To remove a marker drag it outside of the blue highlighted boundary.
  6. When you have added up to 10 markers and you are happy with the locations, click on the submit locations button.

About this map

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce is a new cross-industry group set up to uplift the number of electric vehicles charge points across London.

The taskforce features representatives from the Freight Transport Association, London First, the Federation of Small Businesses, UK Power Networks and a number of other high-profile organisations.

We want to give LoCITY members a chance to influence the taskforce by mapping potential commercial demand. We are also interested in matching businesses that share similar aspirations for an area so we can lobby collectively for new facilities as LoCITY.

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How to use this map

LoCITY Electric Vehicle Charge Point Survey 2018

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Please fill in the form below to start adding locations to the map. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Please note that all outputs from the survey will be anonymised. The outputs will be based upon the areas selected, sector, fleet size and time of day requirement only.

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